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Несущий каскад для прыжка через нос

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Connection metal structure, connection size, nominal damage load match, pay attention to the metal and insulator and wire grading. Take over the bridge lead, often use parallel channel clamp, T - clamp, but for the main current larger, it is advisable to use jumper nose.
When the carrying capacity of the wire is large, it is very sensitive to the contact resistance of the wire connector. The contact resistance causes the connector to heat up, lose electric energy and generate voltage drop. The shape of the aluminum jumper nose is similar to that of the aluminum terminal (aluminum nose). The jumper nose USES hydraulic pressure or clamp pressure to compress the wire, the joint is in close contact, the lap plate connected by bolt is wider and thicker, the contact resistance is small, which is good for heat dissipation and convenient for disassembly and assembly.